Smart passport reader

  • A unique device for reading electronic passport pages
    Accurate processing of MRTD data and images in accordance with ICAO standards
    Significant reduction in document control time
    It is an ideal solution for identifying and confirming electronic passports, visas and other documents in accordance with ICAO standards.

smart House

  • Remote control of the status of all electronic equipment
    No need to change the existing wiring
    Sending various commands to different parts of the building remotely
    Receive information about vital parts as soon as the situation changes
    Communication through Internet browser, Android and iOS software

card reader

  • Types of contact and contactless card readers
    USB and wireless
    Equipped with SAM security module

Identity verification

  • Types of e-Passport control device according to ICAO standard
    Types of border traffic control devices
    Fully automatic gates according to ICAO standard


  • Get an appointment from the nearest agency according to the type of problem
    Announcing the time of periodic visits according to the condition of the car
    Car fuel consumption control according to existing standards
    Access to vehicle safety status
    Locating the car online via smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.

ALL IN ONE device

  • Authentication based on biometrics
    Registration of photos, fingerprints, signature pad and…
    Ability to scan passport and ID card pages
    The ability to match a person’s biometric profile with the profile recorded in identity documents
    Ability to write on contact and non-contact chips, print and laminate both sides of ID1 cards or inkjet printer of ID3 documents.
    Control of issued card immediately after issuance
    Ability to connect to private networks and exchange information completely securely

Hardware products