Introduction of Soha

Senior managers

The senior managers of this company have been among the pioneers in the implementation and implementation of comprehensive systems and smart card-based systems in Iran. One of the major activities of Saha is working with large and famous companies in the world and producing their products in the country.

The design and implementation of smart certificate, duty system card, plasma donation smart card, loyalty card with hardware and software support is the major part of Soha’s activity.

This company has been the pioneers in implementing comprehensive systems and smart card based systems in Iran.


Development and production of electronic equipment and transfer of the world’s latest technologies to the country

Supplying the requirements of card manufacturers in the country and region

Cooperation with the best domestic and foreign experts

point of view

Obtaining the first rank in the country in the field of providing comprehensive solutions based on smart equipment

Increasing production with the participation of foreign partner companies

Providing the best products and services to customers


Respect for the customer

Win-win and long-term cooperation

Variety of products

Distinctive product offering

Integration of services



Soha has provided important software during these years, examples of which are the certificate software and the comprehensive software for donating plasma and ETC .


Also, smartening of the country’s certificate and many important services of the country’s smart card has been done with Saha.


During these years, Soha built two factories, one of which is engaged in the production of TD-LTE modems. Another one is in the field of mobile phone production

Companies under Soha Holding

The main holding, which is Iran’s Pioneer Smart Systems (SAHA), was established in Tehran-Iran in 1982 and has always been the central part of SAHA.

Pishgam Hardware Systems always deals with Soha hardware projects, some of which are produced in Soha factories.

Peshgaman Research and Development Company is part of R&D Holding.

Some collaborations

Contact us

Soha head office: Tehran, Karim Khan Khordamand South, No. 19, Jamila Sheikhi Alley

Contact number: 4-02188844141

Payam Special Economic Zone Factory: 2nd phase of 8th Street

Shenzar Factory: Sharif Abad, Shenzar Industrial Zone