After 22 years of activity in the field of technology and communication, Iranian Pishgam Smart Systems has become one of the top software and hardware production and development companies in Iran. In these several years, focusing on research and development, this company has provided high quality products using the world’s latest technologies.

In this regard, the company has established two factories. One of these factories is located in Payam Economic Zone and the other in Shenzar Industrial Town, both of which produce electronic hardware. In Payam Economic Zone, the company produces smart and push-button mobile phones, and in Shenzar Industrial Town, the company produces forged LTE modems and other electronic devices.

In addition, Iranian Pioneer Smart Systems Company has announced that it will soon release smartphones under the Ila brand in the market. These phones are designed with extraordinary capabilities and using the latest technologies. With this, the company tries to play an important role in the development of technology and communication industry in Iran and the world by providing high quality and up-to-date products.