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    In most SOHA’s softwares, a document called Administrator’s Guide will be presented to the  customers. The document can be used in case a problem or question arises.

  • network-support

    Customers may ask their questions through email, SOHA’s experts, and professional personnel will respond to the emails, accordingly.

  • support

    In case of occurring any problems in hardware or software systems, SOHA company will send its experienced personnel to the customer’s site.

  • support

    SOHA’s experts and professional personnel are ready to answer the customer’s questions and suggestions anytime during office hours.

  • Design, implementation, developments, technical support, and counseling services regarding UNIX based Oracle Database Management Systems.

  • TechnicalSupport

    SOHA’s personnel may remotely connect to the customer’s computers to solve problems.

  • Software support

    A document will be presented to the customer showing how the system works.

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