The French company of Gemalto is a merger of 2 other companies: Axalto and Gemplus. Gemalto is the biggest and more credible producer of magnetic and smart cards in the world. SOHA has already sold more than 10,000,000 Gemalto cards and is Gemalto; representative in Iran
The Chinese company of Rosen Group Who provides different levels of Thin Client with best quality and competitive prices.
international company which we cooperate together in some projects.
The French company of Keynectis presents the CA, Electronic Signatures, and Single Window.It presents reliable confirmations for the digital communications in the e-governments.
SOHA is the agent for the Korean company of Bluebird. Bluebird is the presenter of portable terminals, which support the windows Operating system.
international group company that focuses on optical security devices and hologram and is the world leader in electron beam lithography.
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