Pajouhesh and Tose-eh Naji Company is in charge of NAJA’s software needs and uses the latest IT technologies in doing so.
Laleh Computer Company is a producer of smart cards and magnet cards
Karamad Company, which produces and provides software, hardware services.
Darou Plasma Iranian company is one of the active companies in gathering and producing plasma productions and exporting them to other countries.
The Wimax service provider that we supply their Wimax modem

Agriculture Bank of Iran

Saipa Company is one of auto-making companies with the ability to produce different kinds of automobile in Iran.
Sayan Card Company is a member of Rayan Saipa and one subgroup of Saipa auto-making group.
Khaneh Hamrah Pasargad Company is one of the active companies in distributing and selling different kind of computers, and credit cards.

The Rightel Company is the only active 3G mobile operator in Iran.

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